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eSports: Overview

Connecting with the Experts

At the United States Sports Academy (USSA) academic leaders are always evaluating trends and topics in sports. The USSA's Director of Sports Management, Dr. Brandon Spradley commented on this topic in The Sport Digest.

In the article, he notes in part: “I’m a former collegiate student athlete, so it is hard for me to look at eSports as a real sport,” he said. “But in my role as a professor, I have to look at trends and study them. I have not necessarily bought in to the idea that eSports should be considered a sport like basketball, football or track and field, but I do think the topic of eSports is interesting because there are so many unique aspects to it."


Welcome to the eSports Research Guide! This is guide is designed as a general overview of the concept of eSports. 

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