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Concussion Research: Raising Awareness


The world of sports and beyond continues to expand the conversation on concussions, related research and the future. This guide is designed as a general overview relating to this topic. Please feel free to review additional resources in your research.

The Sport Journal

The Sport Journal is a great resource for the latest research on sports topics, including concussion research.

Here are a few of the articles on this topic:

Academic Accommodations for Countywide Concussion High School Program

Taking Concussion Vital Signs Neurocognitive Test Under Varied Conditions

St. Luke's Virtual Concussion Clinic: A Unique Structure to Provide Comprehensive Care for Patients

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Sports Market Analytics


Some of the terminology used in this guide include concussion, traumatic brain injury and CTE.

Please feel free to review additional resources in your research.



Photo from Sue Clark from flickr used in original non-modified format under Creative Commons License.


This guide is a general resource covering some of the many aspects of concussions for academic purposes. This is not meant as a medical guide and should not be used for formal diagnosis or treatment.

Please consult a medical professional for a formal diagnosis and treatment.

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