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Combating Corruption in Sports: Overview

Connecting with the Experts

At the United States Sports Academy (USSA),  academic leaders are speaking out about corruption in sport. Recently, USSA's Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Stephen Butler commented on this topic in The Sport Digest.

In the article, he notes in part,"I think we are at that point with sports corruption. If we can get students to fight corruption and push for ethical virtue, that’s a victory. We can educate our students and we can hope they will then go out into the sports world and make a difference wherever they go."

To review the full article featuring Dr. Stephen Butler, please click here.

What is Corruption?

Corruption in sports can be defined as instances that defy ethical standards and practices. Corruption has many masks including bribery, doping, recruiting violations, and more. It is important to note, there are also forces diligently working to combat corruption in all areas of sport. This guide explores only part of the vast topic of sports corruption.

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The Sport Journal

The Sport Journal, a peer-reviewed journal, features articles on the vast topic of corruption in sports. 

Here is an example of a recent article: Academic Fraud in Revenue and Nonrevenue Sports

In addition, The Sport Journal has issued a special call for papers addressing corruption in sport.