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APA Format and Citation Guide: Format and Templates

Information Literacy


The format of a paper is simply referring to what the paper should look like.  An APA formatted paper is a paper that follows the formatting specifics given in the APA Guide.  

Not all assignments require the same format. There are different formatting rules depending on what type of paper you are writing.  These are explained in the APA Guide.  (If you want to format well, you must spend time getting to know the APA Guide.)

Basic Formatting in APA Style Papers

  • Double-spaced
  • 1-inch margins
  • 12pt, Times New Roman font 
  • Paper title (in ALL CAPS) in upper-left (running head) and page number in upper-right
  • Title page with your paper title, name, and school
  • Final page is reference page
  • Reference citations should have hanging indent


More!  There is more to APA formatting.

APA style 7th Edition Student Paper Formatting

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