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Citation Management: Paperpile

This adaption of the Citation and Research Management Tools LibGuide by Marie Sciangula and Andrew Whitis is granted under the same Creative Commons Attibution-NonCommerical 3.0 license.

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Getting Started with Paperpile.

Benefits of Paperpile

Your PDF collection always available on all devices

Download PDFs with one click and sync them directly to your Google Drive. Your files are available immediately on all your devices. Fast and reliable.

No arbitrary storage size limitations. Google Drive provides enough storage for even the largest libraries.

Highlight and comment on your PDFs

Highlight the important parts of your papers in different colors. Add comments right where they belong.

Print beautiful summaries of your highlights and notes.


About Paperpile

Paperpile was founded in 2012 by three computational biologists — Stefan, Greg and Andreas — who share a passion for exceptional software and scientific papers.

Started during their time as active researchers at the European Bioinformatics Institute and MIT, Paperpile is now developed in the US, Canada, and Austria.

The goal of Paperpile is to radically simplify the workflow of collecting, managing and writing papers. At every step, Paperpile aims to provide a "just works" solution that eliminates any unnecessary complexity.

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