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Citation Management: Qiqqa

This adaption of the Citation and Research Management Tools LibGuide by Marie Sciangula and Andrew Whitis is granted under the same Creative Commons Attibution-NonCommerical 3.0 license.

Qiqqa Benefits

Qiqqa is ideal for researchers with large numbers of PDF files stored on their computer or on flashdrives. Qiqqa can help you organize those files in a more meaningful way (by adding bibliographic information to your PDFs) and can help you use them more effectively as you work on a research project. Qiqqa also allows you to backup your files by saving them to the 'cloud.' Currently, Qiqqa offers 200MB of free storage. They also offer unlimited storage (via Amazon's S3) for a small fee. If you find yourself overwhelmed by PDFs, Qiqqa can help you get organized.

Use Qiqqa InCite to create your bibliographies and format your references using Microsoft Word.

About Quiqqa


Qiqqa (pronounced "Quicker") is a free PDF management tool for Windows.

Research today means endless PDFs and webpages. Digital documents are convenient, but it's easy to get lost in the avalanche. Qiqqa puts you back in control, with all the tools you need to manage your documents and notes effectively, and visualize your ideas and work. Engineered by academics, its mission is to make your research life easier. Start using the tool that let's you get your academic work done better, quicker. (from

Qiqqa understands that you may not have administrative rights on your computer which is why they offer an alternative version of the application which is available at their Download page. Due to the fact that Qiqqa was created by an academic responding to what he saw as drawbacks to other citation and reference management tools, there is currently no Mac or Linux versions. Qiqqa will work with your Windows tablet, laptop, and netbook.

Using Qiqqa InCite, you can create bibliographies and format resources from within Microsoft Word in conjunction with your Qiqqa library. As you work on your document, Qiqqa will automatically recommend relevent references from your library that you may want to cite within your paper.

Qiqqa Tutorials