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Academy Library: What is a LibGuide? A Faculty Resource: Home

How LibGuides can be used in your courses and instruction.

Faculty Information

  • A well-designed LibGuide will point to suggested resources that support an assignment or provide additional course related materials.
  • Guides will pool resources to support your students research... and your own!
  • The Librarian has the option to add editors to a particular LibGuide.

What is a LibGuide?

The United States Sports Academy has implemented a way to organize and showcase library resources and services available to USSA faculty and students for research and study.

LibGuides are a content management and information sharing system designed specifically for libraries.  The platform allows for easy navigation through and instruction on core and relevant resources in a particular subject, course, or assignment.

Furthermore, this platform effectively invites collaboration between librarians and instructors to meet the research needs.

Why use LibGuides?

The LibGuide platform allows us to:

  • Enable learners to master content by extending the learning experience.
  • Generate library--Course synergy at the point of need for the student.
  •  Organize relevant resources in your content area into one 24/7 accessible webpage, simply give your students the URL.
  • Combine features of social networks, wikis, and blogs on a particular subject.
  • Makes RSS and podcast feeds easy to use.
  • Update the information on the page, BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER you teach a research or library-related lesson, so students can have access to updated material.

Benefits for Your Students

  • Provide point of need connection for your students.
  • Information is chunked and resources are presented in a linear, intuitive fashion.
  • Meets the needs of students with diverse learning styles.
  • 24/7 convenient access online.
  • Focus on relevancy.
  • Visual representation of research practice which may reassure students and build confidence in students who need to understand the research process.